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Summary April 29, 2008

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Playtime! April 24, 2008

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Aili and I have both come down with a cold. While that makes me miserable and grouchy, she seems to be in a fine mood. She’s just squealing with glee while covered with a fine sheen of snot. It’s completely disgusting.

Aili comes alive when you play with her. She can amuse herself ok on her playmat or in her crib, but she smiles and shrieks and rolls and giggles when we play together. Until recently I would amuse her, but for the first time the other day it seemed to be reciprocated. It sounds gross, but she was lying on my chest with her face above mine, and sucking on my nose. It felt really weird, and tickled, and I was laughing hysterically. And every now and again she’d stop and look at me with this big grin on her face, and then go back to it. I think she knew she was making me laugh, and liked it.
The game was over, however, when she tried to put her tongue in my nostril. EW.

I haven’t taken too many pictures lately (I know, you must be thinking that pigs are flying around outside) so I thought I’d introduce you to some of the characters we play with during the day. And to demonstrate to you what a bad namer I am. I really need to fire up my creativity.

Well, first of all, there are real friends. Like for example our new buddy Natalie, who will be one tomorrow!

Then there are fun toys in our life, like the jumperoo:

And also entertaining household objects. What could be more fun than a sheet of tissue paper?

I know! Fingers!

This is Mr. Pupsqueak. He barks if you push on his nose. Aili hasn’t figured that out yet, but she does try to nurse on his nose sometimes.
He came with the name Pupsqueak, I added the ‘Mr.’

This is Peyton the Elephant. He lives on the change table.

Checkers the Worm.

Zed the Zebra.

Zed says, ‘Hey! Who turned out the lights?’

Giant ball o’ nipples:

There are others, but I won’t bore you. But here’s one last one: the latest addition. This character seems to be having some sort of identity crisis: it doesn’t know if it’s a worm, a snail, or a stegosaurus.
As a result, I am at a loss to give it a name. Any ideas?


Waterbaby April 21, 2008

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Today we went to splash in the pool in Johnny’s dad’s condo complex. It was warm and clean and bright and … completely deserted, which worked out delightfully for us! Aili just loves the water, and doesn’t seem afraid at all. She kicks her little feet and tastes the water with her tongue. It was also the inaugural dunk of the pink tutu bathing suit! (Cutest thing ON EARTH.)

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics; the flash made the water look funny, so I turned it off, and now most of the photos are out of focus. Johnny has promised to bring his big and impressive camera next time.


Blurry family photo. Darn.

Come to mama!

Splish splash with Daddy!

El segmento.

Hangin’ with Obaachan!

All tuckered out from the big swim.

What could she possibly see that gets her THIS excited???

You guessed it….

… the pretty girl who lives in the mirror! The mirror continues to delight her *almost* as much as chewing on cardboard.

In other news, the Cat Wars continue.
For the most part, they are carrying out a petty and bizarre type of feline Cold War. This afternoon, however, Johnny decided to throw fuel on the fire and bring out the catnip.

“Hey, it’s MY turn to have the catnip scratching post. You’re a big meanie.”


Flyin’! April 20, 2008

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More Food

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Doesn’t she look all clean and innocent?


NOT fond of rice cereal.

Clean and angelic no longer!


Random shot of cat in sink.
This is NOT something our cat does, and it results in even MORE hair all over the house.



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Today was a good day – – we tried carrots! Apparently Aili’s feelings about the taste of the rice cereal mirror mine, because we both preferred the carrots by a landslide. No wonder it was all over her face instead of down her throat!
With the carrots, however, we could hear her swallowing them. We even had to refill the bowl once!

One thing we didn’t consider with this new food adventure: orange spit-up. Ew.


Johnny is very efficient at work. Even at home he’s a multitasker:

But when he runs out of energy, watch out! NOTHING can wake that man up.

Weird cat. She likes sitting in empty laundry baskets.


Confused. April 19, 2008

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Did I somehow go to sleep last night in Coquitlam and wake up in Whitehorse?

This picture was taken in my front yard, one hour ago:

Yes, allow me to confirm that it is indeed April 18th. APRIL.

You can understand my confusion.