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Sunny Days April 1, 2008

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Well, we’re still in Phoenix, and enjoying our vacation enormously. So much, in fact, that we’ve extended our stay! The weather is perfect, and it really feels like a lovely holiday – – which is something you don’t really expect to enjoy when you have a four-month old. Seeing as how we’re not going to be home for more than a week, I thought I’d keep you posted on all the excitement down here.

I expected Aili to freak out on the plane, but she was surprisingly calm the entire time!
(Please ignore the ‘horns’. She really is quite angelic most of the time…)

My dad lives in a heavenly – but bizarre – community for ‘active adults’ 55 and older. The weather is perfect, the neighbourhood is manicured, the golf courses are green and lush, and the palms wave in the breeze. There are no bugs and the sky is always blue. People drive around in their golf carts. There is an ENTIRE ROW in the drugstore dedicated to denture cleaning products. I’m not making that up!

This is one of the three pools at the community centre. Don’t you want to jump right in??

The cacti are in bloom.

Reunited with Grandpa!

I feel fairly certain that the car seat takes something away from the easy breezy carefree feeling driving a convertible with the top down…

Sun hat with bubbles.

Aili had her first swim in the pool! Cool Aunt J and I were SO excited about her adorable pink tutu bathing suit, but the stodgy seniors here have all sorts of silly rules for their pool (and for everything else, for that matter) so we had to buy a new one, even though I assured them that she was wearing the pool-safe diapers. (I know, I know, I rolled my eyes too.)

Aili loved the pool. I was worried that she’d be cold, but she splished and splashed and looked around with wide eyes. A great time was had by all!

This chlorine tastes funny.

Mornings are lovely. The weather is *perfect* every day, but quite hot in the afternoons. In the mornings and evenings, however, it’s delightfully mild and there is nothing nicer than sitting out on the patio with a cup of dad’s suuuuper strong coffee.

Buddies in their jammies:

Well-loved by Grandpa.

And the feeling’s mutual!

Grandpa is an excellent bedtime storyteller…

… but he’s also teaching some bad habits!

“Hey! Give that back! I need my fix!”

My aunts and uncles bought us the BEST present: a Baby Bjorn Synergy! Wow. Aili would have nothing to do with the $15 Snugli I bought her at a garage sale, but she loves to be in the Bjorn. Johnny and I shake our heads at her superficial preference for brand names.

Hangin’ with Cool Aunt J while Mommy goes nuts at the Carter’s outlet:

Why suck your own thumb when you can suck Cool Aunt J’s??

Or, better yet, suck on the new Baby Bjorn! (Good thing it’s machine washable….)

Sleepy on the way home from a long day of shopping. Aili was the only one who got anything, and doesn’t care at all. J and I are morose at our defeat by the outlet mall.

A new sun hat!

Personally, I think the t-shirt captures it perfectly:

We’ll be down here for another week, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted with more pictures from our sunny escape!


One Response to “Sunny Days”

  1. Sus Says:

    Thanks for the update Angie! The sun looks lovely, such a nice change from the cool weather we’ve got up here. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

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