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Fun with the Freedmans April 2, 2008

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I can’t really tell if Aili is enjoying this vacation as much as I am, as she’s always pretty easygoing. I, however, am having a marvelous time! It’s so fun to hang out with my sister and dad. Could I live here forever? Probably not – – but it sure is a nice place to spend a week or two.

Aili’s eating well – as she always does – and sleeping well, and there’s lots of smiling and activity. She’s becoming so engaged with the world around; looking at everything and grabbing at anything in her reach. If she sees something or someone she’s interested in, she immediately reaches out to touch. She especially likes to look at people’s faces, or at the dogs. I can’t tell if she likes the heat or the sun, but she does lean forward to prevent the sun from being in her eyes if her sun hat isn’t on.

Hangin’ with Grandpa.

There aren’t actually many pictures of us together – – because I’m always behind the camera!

Going for a walk in the afternoon sun.

Canada geese: our proud national bird. They are the bane of the golfers here – – they love to waddle around on the golf course. Beautiful, no?
Actually, no. A pound of poop, per bird, per day. YUCK!

Wild bunnies round around everywhere here. They’re so cute! They also keep the coyote population fat and healthy.

One of the fountains and lakes in Pleasantville (yes, they even stock it with fish so you can go fishing if you want). It is a completely unnatural place. Ever read Watership Down? If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Doin’ the starfish dance.

“Pick me up, please, Mommy!”

Tummy time + the usual bedhead.

Check out them big chubby cheeks.

Storytime with Grandpa!

“See, Grandpa? I told you there were singing pigs in this story!”

In love love love with Auntie J.


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