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Lots More Shots from the Sun April 5, 2008

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First, here are some more shots of the beautiful community my dad lives in.
This is the coffee shop in the village. As you can see, the tables are scattered around pools and streams beneath the palm trees. It would be a great place for a latte if it weren’t so darned hot.

And that’s the activity centre:

The view and fountain out the back of the community centre:

Rolling green fairways of the golf course:

Instinct speaks:

Aili and her grandpa are in love!

Sharing secrets…

… and more of those bad habits…

Last night we had a lovely dinner with the relatives.
Thank you Aunt Donna!

I blame Grandpa’s influence for this:

Aunt Angy!

Meg: jealous. Aili: transfixed.

Smiles for Uncle Tim!

The gals got pedicures!

Bumbo time!

Aili is becoming quite the thumb-sucker. She usually sucks when she’s tired. But that thumb seems to find its way in…

… at the nail salon…

… in the Bumbo…

… with Mommy…

… while laughing…

“Hey, what are you looking at?”

Today, we went to heaven. You may know of my fondness for Target.
But today, we didn’t just go to Target, you see, we went to:

Sigh…. why can’t we have Target in Canada??
Aili was almost as excited as I was!

Finally, this evening my dad gave her a piece of lettuce, just to see what she’d do with it. She didn’t understand that it was food, of course, and didn’t actually eat any of it. But as with anything else she can get her hands on lately, it went directly into the mouth. And right back out again with a look of horrified disgust!
J says “Maybe she won’t be a vegetarian after all”. Hm, that’s what it’s looking like….


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