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Spring Comes to Vancouver April 13, 2008

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Today was a lovely, wonderful, most spectacular day. Today was that day that I have every year after asking myself repeatedly “Why do I live in this grey, wet, cold, overcast, miserable, rainy place??” – – and then that day like today comes along, and it’s gorgeous and warm and sunny and you can see the mountains crisp and clear, and I am reminded of why I live here.

But first, yes, we’re home from Phoenix. It was an absolutely delightful vacation, and I enjoyed every minute. Well, *nearly* every minute. In the three hour flight there were about 1.5 hours of random whine/scream/fuss/crying, punctuated by occasional throw-up and not one but TWO poo blow-outs. And I only use the term ‘blow-out’ to describe those events when the poo does not stay within its designated confines (ie. the diaper).
The flight home was, well … suffice to say that I was very glad to get off that airplane…. and so was everyone else on it.

Which is heavier? (Answer: the kid.)

Working on her ‘clean and jerk’. I am personally not the hugest fan of women’s weightlifting, but I’ll try to be a supportive mommy if that’s her sport.

Uncle Doug and Aunt Johanna meet Aili for the first time.

Auntie Donna!

Aili is starting to sleep sometimes on her side (while thumb-sucking, of course. The thumb is never far away.)

This morning I thought I’d run a brush through Leo’s coat. I think I *may* have figured out why my house looks the way it does.

Proud of himself – check out the grin!

We went for a lovely walk today in North Vancouver. 20 degrees outside, but we still hit snow!

As I say, the thumb is never far away….

The thing people say to me most often is that she’s a ‘Japanese Angie’.

Hugs from Auntie Alexa!

AARRRGH. Good thing I groomed him this morning…


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