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Catty Girls April 14, 2008

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You’d think that from the title of this posting that Aili had leapt right up into her teen years (although she’s growing up so fast it almost feels like it!) But no, I actually am talking about girls of the feline variety. You see, we’re kittysitting my sister’s cat, Gabby, for the next few months. I don’t think our Blu is hostile, but Gabby keeps picking fights.

This is Ms. Gabbycat:

Curiosity? Or military strategy?




The saga continues, but I’m pretty sure the cat wars will settle themselves soon enough.

This weekend was AMAZING. As you know from the previous post, we had a wonderful sunny day on Saturday and went for a lovely walk. Sunday was even better! The whole family (minus the fur kids) went to the pool, and Johnny got to see Aili in the water for the first time! I didn’t bring my camera unfortunately, but oh how I wish I had.
You see, it was such a wonderful experience. Johnny’s daddy instincts totally kicked in, and he just took her around the pool, supporting her as she splashed and played. She loved loved loved being on her tummy in the water, dipping her mouth in and then spitting it out with her little tongue. I think it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen when he took her and off they went, her on her tummy with her little bum with the ruffles on it up in the air, little legs kicking like crazy. What a great daddy he is, especially now that actual activities are coming into play. Before we know it, he’ll have her mountain biking, I’m sure!

Aili’s new favourite thing: an empty box from the Girl Guide cookies. She played with it for a LONG time, didn’t want to let it go, and looked for it when it was out of sight. Whatever gets them excited, I guess!

Better than what’s in the box? I would argue with that……


Hey! Give that back!

LOVING the box. Weird kid.

I continue to struggle with milk supply, which will be further affected by the introduction of solid foods. I think she’s very close to trying some rice cereal – – possibly this weekend?
It’s becoming a bit disconcerting to eat or drink anywhere near her, because she STARES at you, begging like a puppy dog! She reaches out for your glass, spoon, or food too. This morning she was blatantly coveting my cereal, so I let her play with the spoon (without cow’s milk, of course). She very quickly took to taking small amounts of my milk from the spoon.

Maybe when cereal day comes, Mommy will have to be in charge of the spoon. Just a thought.


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  1. muso Says:

    Mountain bike and SKIS for Aili.

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