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Mommy Group April 14, 2008

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Today Aili and I went to Mommy Group. These are free sessions put on by the public health units where mommies with pre-mobile babies meet to get information, meet friends, and even get presentations about child care (today was baby dental care, for example). We had only been one time before, but so far we’ve both enjoyed it a lot. Aili because she likes to look at all the babies, and me because I get to talk with all the other mommies!

In fact, we met another little girl who was born the same day as Aili – – same hospital, same delivery room, two hours earlier! What a remarkable coincidence!
Madelyne is much smaller though; Aili is quite the chub!

Aili really likes looking at the other babies.

Our new friends Nancy and her baby Tallan. He’s a month younger but is catching up fast in development, and past us in weight!

Just in case there was any question that she is her mommy’s girl at heart….

(… and don’t get yourselves too excited; I have blacked out the numbers of my card, so there won’t be any illicit shopping sprees!)


One Response to “Mommy Group”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Awesome! You really take great pictures. I’ll have to get copies of the ones of Aili and Madelyne – just adorable. Too bad they weren’t doing their smiles at the same time!Vicki

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