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Happy Five Months, Ai-chan! April 18, 2008

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Where oh where oh where has the time gone? It’s a double-edged sword, as they say: it feels like she’s been with us forever, but at the same time her entire life seems like the blink of an eye.

I try to take in to the health unit every month on or around the anniversary of her birth, to weigh and measure her. Yesterday I discovered that not only had she NOT gained the pound or so that I’d expected her to, but she’s actually lost almost half a pound since last month. When you’re less than fifteen pounds, every half pound counts!
This is discouraging to me because it’s empirical evidence that my milk supply really is failing both of us, despite my best efforts. Aili is alert, happy, and on target for all her developmental milestones so it hasn’t had a negative effect on her to date. That being said, I do need to find a way to get more calories into her, as she prefers to have nothing whatsoever to do with formula, bottles, or sippy cups.

I haven’t spent much time around 5-month-olds (or any other babies, for that matter) so I once thought they must all be the same around this point in their lives. But I think that from what I see now of other babies, their personalities and clear preferences are already developing. For example, Aili isn’t much of a laugher. She can laugh, and has, but only rarely, and I really have to work for it. She smiles all the time so I know she’s happy, but laughing is saved for special occasions. (And when it happens I melt into a puddle of happy mommy love.)

She seems to be very laidback, rarely complaining about anything. I’ve never had a circumstance when she appeared to be too cold or too hot, and she’s only cried out of pain or discomfort a couple times (such as innoculations). She doesn’t complain about wet or leaky diapers or waking up with her head mashed into the bars of her crib. The three biggest reasons for complaint are: hunger (70%), tiredness (20%) or boredom (10%). Oh, and most recently, if a stranger picks her up to soon, before she’s had a chance to look at them.

Aili really seems to be an observer. She looks long and hard at things that interest her. Sometimes she stares at a new face so intently and so long that it makes the person uncomfortable! She really prefers to regard a person before they hold her. She looks so serious with those big dark eyes. Only once she’s spent some time in observation does she reach out for new things, such as the dog, or the water running in the sink. But for the most part, once she’s learned something, she remembers it and doesn’t hesitate to reach out and touch (such as the pretty girl who lives in the mirror).

Johnny got home early enough last night to catch another episode of ‘food’. He used his big fancy camera to get some shots. I admit that his camera takes much nicer pictures than mine, but it’s so big and cumbersome to use, especially when you, your hands, and your subject are all covered in rice cereal!


One Response to “Happy Five Months, Ai-chan!”

  1. laura Says:

    Hi! I came here by way of the Rogoclan blog (highschool friend). I couldn’t help but notice how similar your daughter is to my own! The same personality: laidback, not much of a laugher, doesn’t like formula or bottles, takes time to observe new environments etc. It’s uncanny! My daughter is a bit older tho… she’s 12.5 months now. It’s nice reading through your posts and reminiscing when we were at those same stages! Great photos, by the way!

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