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Oblivious Mommy May 6, 2008

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Since we’ve been on formula and solid food, I’ve sort of noticed that Aili is filling out.
Her delicate little chin has disappeared into a whole other chin, and her face is pudgy. It also struck me the other day that somehow her care seat got heavier – or maybe I got weaker. And hey, her feet are dangling off the end of it… hm.
Yesterday at Mommy Group I put her on the scale, fully dressed, just to get a ballpark figure of what she was clocking in at. Now, last time I weighed her was around three weeks ago, when she was just over 14 1/2 lbs. Yesterday it said she was 17lbs! I chalked the enormous growth up to it being a different scale, plus perhaps the weight of her clothes and a full diaper. But this morning when I put her into her play pants and they only covered her down to her shins, I finally figured out: this kid has had a growth EXPLOSION!

I went through her closet to purge the things that don’t fit anymore – half of her summer clothes and much of what she’s been wearing the past few months! Not to mention the cute things she only got to wear once – – or not at all. It’s fun that we get to go on to new things, but I just can’t believe how fast this is happening.

It’s amazing she gets any nutrition at all, what with eating like this:

Cat pretending to be a teapot:

Cat pretending to be a decorative pillow:

Cat without any shame whatsoever:


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