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Gigantico May 9, 2008

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Yesterday we went to the doctor for a checkup. I had a few questions, too. We were at the doctor three weeks ago but our regular doctor was on holiday so we got the backup doctor. The backup didn’t seem to want to answer my questions, however (annoying), so I had to have ANOTHER appointment, hence yesterday’s little visit. It turned out to be quite interesting though. In the three weeks between appointments, Aili has gained 1 1/3 lb, grown 2 cm in height, and increased her head circumference by 1 cm! That is a LOT of growing for a little person!

Unfortunately the doctor wasn’t able to help me out much: she had no comment about the lump under Aili’s nipple, no guidance for what may or may not be lactose intolerance or milk protein allergies, and suggested that Aili’s hips may be growing crooked. (?)

I suspect you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking: time to get a new doctor. Don’t worry, plans are in the works. Oh, and we’re being referred to a pediatrician for further investigation, and to get some real answers.


Hangin’ with Baby Zoey.

At least one of them knows how to behave for the camera!

Aili loves Leo!
First, she observes closely:


The touch:

Finally: acknowledgment!

Which brings delight:

The kiss.

“Did you SEE that, Mommy???”

It’s so fun to be a witness to her discovering the world.


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