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Lately May 14, 2008

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Here’s a recent new skill. Who’s holding the bottle?

I *think* this is what they call a ‘ham’:

Much loved by Auntie Alexa:

And the feeling’s mutual!

Guess what? Auntie Alexa will soon have a muffin too! Baby Devine is scheduled to join us in November, almost exactly a year to the day after Aili was born. Hooray Devines!

How to tell when your baby is tired:

Much loved by Mommy:

World’s cutest yellow bumblebee dress. It’s been waiting for Aili since we visited Tom and Linda in Red Deer last summer… and finally it fits, just in time to wear on our trip! I think it’s the perfect frock for our Southern belle.

Those bumblebees are just so tempting though… the dress keeps ending up in her mouth or over her head. Good thing for the bloomers!


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