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All Packed Up and Ready to Go (Mostly) May 15, 2008

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Today’s the day! Our first family vacation, hooray!
We are mostly packed up. It is unbelievable how much *stuff* this kid ‘needs’.
Here is Aili’s stuff, completely filling up the big suitcase:

Here is Mommy and Daddy’s stuff, together, in the small carry-on sized suitcase:


I am also in a deep quiet panic about the plane ride(s). The total travel time including a 1 1/2 hour layover is 8 hours. There are SURE to be tears sometime along the way. I so hate being the person on the plane with the crying baby….
I’m trying to quell this anxiety, however, because I’m also certain that she’ll pick up on it and become anxious herself.

So, with that, we’re off. We’ll try to post along the way. OF COURSE we’re bringing a laptop and seventeen cameras, don’t worry. We’re the Oshikas, it’s what we do!


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