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Hellllooooooo Atlanta May 17, 2008

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Well, here we are, in the ‘Gateway to the South’. While there was some tension involved with the flights (Johnny and I exchanged horrified glances each time she made a squawk), there was remarkably little crying or shrieking. Even better, on the first flight a very kind gentleman moved away (self-preservation?) so we could have all three seats, and Aili had a delightfully QUIET 2-hour nap! Hooray.

Baby centrefold?

She is 17 lbs and just over two feet tall, but somehow she managed to take up the ENTIRE row.

This is the sort of thing that makes a Mommy feel happy:

Yes, you’re right, it IS an iPod vending machine. It sells cameras too. I thought I’d seen every kind of vending machine there was while living in Japan, but I guess Minneapolis has got them beat.

Today we were off to the New World of Coca-Cola. It turns out that Coke was actually created in Georgia, and tasted by the public for the first time at a drugstore in downtown Atlanta.

We are both amused and horrified to expose our child to this.

Coke paraphernalia from around the world.

I don’t know if you can read this, but it actually says: “The wonderful nerve and brain tonic and remarkable therapeutic agent.” Nothing about it rotting your teeth or corroding your insides.

Tough to see, I know, but there was a small bottling facility there. This machine is filling up the bottles.

My two favourite people in the whole wide world.

What’s that thing they say about “When in Rome….”?
Just kidding. What kind of lousy parents do you think we are?????

After you see the paraphernalia and the videos and all the exhibits, you get to try 65 soft drinks from around the world, plus of course a whole lotta Coke. Here is Johnny discovering the Coke side of life.
I never want to drink pop again.

Coke flying through the sky.

Oh, and of course you get to help youselves on the way out.

When we first arrived late last night we noticed there was scaffolding around our hotel, but didn’t think anything of it. But this morning we found that most buildings downtown have scaffolding on their first floors. It turns out there was a huge tornado that blew through downtown Atlanta in March, causing serious damage to many of the buildings. (Who knew?) The CNN building was flooded, the GeorgiaDome had parts of its roof torn off, and entire hotels had to be evaculated due to the number of blown-in windows. Cleanup and repairs are still ongoing.
Can you imagine what would happen if there was a tornado in downtown Vancouver??

Aha. NOW we know we’re in the South. Haven’t tried grits yet, but we’ll get there.

We’ve been to some places where Johnny’s been the visible minority (Red Deer, Phoenix) or where I have (Japan, Richmond) – – but here we’ve observed that we BOTH are.
We have also been struck by how people are very warm and very friendly – more so, I think, than at home.

Have I mentioned how much I love our wonderfully versatile car seat?

That’s it for today. I’m going to go and wake my two napping beauties, but will keep you posted as our adventures progress!


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  1. The Devines Says:

    You guys look like you are having so much fun. That museum alone is something! A drugstore you say? Crazy!Love the photos.Keep us posted and stay clear of tornados. We miss you!Alexa

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