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Apparently Memphis Is The ‘Mid-South’ May 21, 2008

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Yes, I’ve had it wrong the whole time. The ‘Deep South’ refers to true southerners, apparently – those who live, I guess, further south than here. What do I know, I’m just a Canadian. But I digress.

Yesterday we were in Nashville. They call themselves ‘Music City’, and it really does seem that much of the industry is built around country music. For example, there is the ‘Grand Ole Opry’, which is really important (for some reason that I couldn’t explain if you asked):

We also went to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. It was actually really well done for two people who know very little about country music. I do like to listen to it in my car (ok, ok, the truth is out) but for the most part I don’t know which performer sings what, and I certainly wouldn’t recognize any of them walking down the street. But the museum explained the history of it and how it came to be, which made it accessible to anyone.

Yes, it really does have to specify “No Weapons”. C’mon, we’re in the (Mid/Deep) South.

Elvis’ gold piano. A gift from his wife on their first wedding anniversary. Hm, I’m behind by about 4 gold-plated mountain bikes.

Johnny Cash’s black suit:

Dolly Parton’s costume. You can see that she really was quite a tiny little thing back then. Well, in some departments.

Gold and platinum records from famous artists that I’d never heard of.

After Nashville we hopped in the car and drove 2 1/2 hours to Memphis. What does Aili do while we’re driving, you ask? The answer is:

Yes, I know. She deserves some sort of Best Baby On Earth award.

So today we hung out and had a fairly quiet day in Memphis. Here are some images around town that amused me:

“Big Ass Beer To Go”:

“Toughman World Championships” (alas, we will be leaving before Johnny has an opportunity to compete):

“Parking Can Be Fun”:

“Last Cocktail for 30 Feet”:

Cheesy Elvis windowpainting:

Music notes in the sidewalk:

Apparently the Grizzlies are doing no better here than they did in Vancouver. But at least the name made more sense up there.

Yeehaw, it’s the mighty Mississippi river. The peninsula with the flags is called ‘Mud Island’. And in the distance, well, that-there is Arkansas. Again, I am embarassed to admit that before just a few weeks ago I had no idea that Memphis was on the Mississippi river or that it was so close to Arkansas. I couldn’t have placed Arkanasas on a map.

“Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease”. Now you’ve got my attention.

So we went into Miss Polly’s to order up something Southern. Fried chicken, of course. And… waffles? Seems that Southerners have a weird thing about waffles, and my lunch order was … chicken and waffles (they came together as a meal, I didn’t make this up on my own).
Yes, that IS butter all over the waffle. That is AFTER I did my best to scrape off at least 1/4 cup of excess butter onto the side of the plate. The gloop in the bowl is beans and rice, which was Louis Armstrong’s absolute favourite. Johnny copped out and got a salad.

Not really any surprise that the ‘Healthy Lifestyle Bistro’ is closed. How could it compete with ‘Love, Peace and Chicken Grease’?

Here’s a cute muffin!

Muffin and mommy:

Yeah, Johnny really does stick out around this place. In fact, we went to the laundromat this afternoon (*someone* had puked on all her clothes, but we won’t specify who) and a small boy was looking at him funny. I was the only white person there, but Johnny was probably the only Asian in the entire STATE.
Here’s what he’s been doing to try to fit in better:

He even ate an all-fried meal last night: deep fried catfish, deep fried okra, and yam french fries. I was so proud.

You may know that Johnny verges on being narcoleptic. Sometimes this results in somewhat amusing displays of sleeping in weird stances, such as the following:

Our feast tonight: BBQ ribs with coleslaw, fries, baked beans, and tamales. Johnny also ordered a salad, but for some reason it didn’t make it back to the hotel room. Some poor guy out there got a salad he didn’t order and is wondering what he’s supposed to do with the box of leaves.
Either that or the restaurant staff are having a good chuckle: “Can you BELIEVE that guy? Wanted a salad? Who wants a salad when you can have FRIED PIE?”

I know you’ve been wondering: “You’re in Memphis and you didn’t go to Graceland???”. Don’t worry, my friend. Tomorrow is another day.


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  1. Stephenie Says:

    You should tweak these into articles and send to the Vancouver Sun or Province – seriously! So great.I wanna see you in a hoop skirt before this is done!

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