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Have Baby, Might Travel May 23, 2008

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Yesterday we drove through Mississippi and Baton Rouge and are now in The Big Easy, The Crescent City: New Orleans. When we arrived it was an absolute downpour (Johnny was convinced it was a typhoon), but this morning its bright and sunny out there. Why aren’t we out on Bourbon Street collecting beads and getting drunk, you ask? Well, because the baby is sleeping.

Travelling with a baby has been a very eye-opening experience. Aili is as good as we could ever hope for, going down each night in a different sleep environment without a peep. She’s fallen alseep without difficulty in playpens, in her car seat, in metal cribs, in squeaky cribs, in the pitch black (I left our night light somewhere along the way), and even with us in the same room watching TV. Unbelievable. That being said, she does get tired quickly and needs to nap. We find ourselves spending a LOT more time in hotel rooms than we would have if she wasn’t with us.
Ultimately, we think we cover about 1/3 the ground we would if we were on our own – or we would need three times the time to get everything done. For future travels we think we’ll stick with places where we’re not trying to learn and take so much in. I’m having a great time on our first family vacation, but to date I haven’t eaten grits, seen a hoop skirt, seen any civil war monuments, or stepped foot on a cotton plantation. We agree that our family vacations for the next few years will have to be low-key. Perhaps an all-inclusive in Mexico, a rented condo in Hawaii… or Disneyland.

Yesterday we drove the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway from Jackson Mississippi to Natchez, Mississippi. The countryside of Mississippi is exactly how I pictured it: huge ancient trees with heavy boughs to the ground, moss hanging in long ribbons from the branches.

Here is the great Mississippi river. I can totally imagine Tom Sawyer rafting down it.

Natchez Mississippi is a very depressing little town. I don’t recommend visiting there.

The South sure has a LOT of churches, of every imaginable denomination. Many are Baptist or Pentecostal.

Pretty house with big porch, just as I imagined it.

Exxon petroleum refinery.

Natchez has a ‘Wedding Mart’. How depressing.

It also has a Sonic Drive-In! Not our favourite, but it’s a good place to get out of the car so the baby can get some semi-fresh air. We seem to be the only ones who actually get out of their cars. And of course we get stared at a lot.

Smiley baby. And, soon to be with a big toothy grin! Aili cut her first tooth yesterday. (And when I mean ‘cut’ I mean you have to be an obsessive Mommy that does a daily tooth check to be able to feel it with your finger. To date it is only ever so slightly visible to the naked eye.)
I was so surprised to feel it I almost cried. She’s growing up so fast!

Our hotel in New Orleans is seven historial buildings stitched together. It has some really unique architectural features.

I have no idea what we would do without a laptop and free wireless internet connections in every hotel we’ve been in. We would have killed each other by now.

My two favourite people.


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