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French Quarter May 24, 2008

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Here are some images from the lovely French Quarter. You can see the appeal, even without being drunk. It’s like not being in the US anymore.

The French Quarter is the oldest, most famous, and most touristy part of New Orleans. When the city was first founded, the Native Americans living in the area recommended settling on the highest ground possible. Thus the French Quarter was built on the highest ground in the city – – and was saved from the worst of the flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Many buildings had their roofs peeled off from the 150 mph winds, but at least the water stayed away.

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

People who live in the area take a lot of pride in their homes. How pretty!

“Swamp Shots: Coonass Waterin’ Hole”

A pretty hotel with lovely windowboxes.

We went to Cafe Du Monde, a famous coffee and beignet shop that has been around for 150 years. It’s open 24 hours a day, every day of the year except for Christmas.

There are the coffee and beignets. The coffee was fantastic, although it was a bit too hot and humid outside to want to drink coffee! The beignets are French doughnuts, kindof like wads of deep-fried dough with mountains of powdered sugar on them. You’d think that would be RIGHT up my alley, but actually Johnny and I were both unimpressed.


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