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Last Days of Vacation May 27, 2008

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We can’t believe how quickly this holiday went by. Here are a few images from the last days of our Deep South vacation.

A paddlewheel boat going up the Mississippi river. What more could you ask for?

A spiral staircase in the French Quarter.

A cool shot of jars from America’s oldest pharmacy.

All of a sudden the criteria for what we’re looking for in hotels changes. Our criteria used to be: cheap, safe, and clean. When we’d go backpacking, we never spent much time in the hotel room so features weren’t all that important to us, and we’d usually find a hotel once we got into town.
Now, a hotel room needs to be quiet, neat, and clean. A pool would be preferable, as having breakfast and wireless internet included. It must include a crib and ideally have an elevator for transporting all of our 41 loads of baby-related ‘stuff’. Even better if it’s a suite with a bedroom that you can close the door to. We prefer to have booked it in advance, so we know what we’re getting and where to go. Sigh. Travelling with a baby is WAAAY more complicated than backpacking.


We dunked Aili under the water for the first time. She didn’t even flinch!

My heart melts.

When I imagined going to the Deep South I had a vision of sitting on a big old veranda drinking lemonade under 300-year-old oak trees. And eating fried chicken. I imagined a hot day and hoop skirts and long stretches of farmland. Apart from finding fried chicken everywhere we went, my vision of the South had mostly evaded me.

But on the last day of our trip, in 30-degree heat with nearly 100% humidity, my vision finally came to fruition. We visited the very spectacular Oak Alley Plantation:

… and I enjoyed my mint julep (lemonade with mint syrup) on the veranda, under those big old oak trees, surrounded by sugar cane fields. And the tour guide wore a hoop skirt.

Looking out from the mansion towards the river.

These oaks are so old, and so big, that the branches rest on the ground. They were planted in the early 1700’s by the original owner of the plantation.

Hillbilly doing wheelies on his 4×4 alongside the highway:

Does this need any explanation? I am stunned they actually need signs for this. Johnny and I laughed and laughed for a long time about this one:

In the airport, Aili discovered the sparkly on Mommy’s finger. When she is very focussed on something she points out her upper lip. Cool Aunt J and I call it her ‘beak’. In this picture, she is very very focussed, and very very beaky.

Poor kid was having trouble falling asleep lying across our laps on the flight. So we put down a receiving blanket and put her on the floor. She loved it down there, and played with the bottom of my pants leg for a long time. Then she fell asleep, using my shoe as a pillow:

As you could probably guess, this is how the poor kid lives, with a camera pointed at her all the time. Or, in this case, with TWO cameras pointed at her.

Aili’s first favourite lovey: YellowDog. For some reason he is her absolute favourite. She especially likes to chew on his ears and on the tag on his bum.

Lips ‘n’ lashes. Such a pretty girl.

We’re home now, and Johnny is back at work. It was our first family holiday, and I think it brought us all closer together. I was so happy to see Johnny and Aili spend so much time together, as they don’t usually get to do that during the week.
Aili’s been tired since we’ve been home, but has had no difficulty getting back to everyday life.
Back to the routine!


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