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Cousin Sophie June 4, 2008

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Aili and I spent the last week visiting our cousins in Tacoma. Technically Jodi is my cousin, which makes our daughters into second cousins or cousins once removed or some complicated network that I never really understood. So ‘cuz’ it is.
Last time they met, Sophie was starting to crawl and Aili was still colicky. Ahhhh times they have a-changed. Sophie is six months older than Aili, but the differences between developmental stages are stunning. I can’t believe that Aili will be like that in only a few months.

The reunion:

Look! It’s a baby!

Sophie may be 6 months older and she can walk and talk and wave and feed herself and even dance (suuuuuper cute), but Aili’s got her beat when it comes to sheer poundage.

Aili loves other babies, and especially Sophie! In fact, we dubbed her “President and CEO of the Sophie Fan Club”. She could not take her eyes off her cuz.

Two nudies in a tub! (A fat one and a thin one.)

Why play with one wooden spoon when you can play with TWO?

A stolen nap with Lola.

Only a mommy would kiss a face covered with that much yogurt.

Jodi finds out what it would be like to have two teenies together. (“No thank you!”)

Aili is at a significant disadvantage, what with being flat on the floor and unable to move. You can see that she really looks up to Sophie.

I also had a reunion with a friend from high school. It had been fourteen years since we saw each other! (I am horrified that we graduated that long ago… where did all those years go?)
Her little girl Sloane is the same age as Sophie.

Jodi and I watched Sex and the City obsessively to prepare ourselves for the movie, and went shopping. Yay Target!

And now Aili and I are home safe and sound, and ready to get back to our routine.


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