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First Aid Class June 4, 2008

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Last week Aili and I hosted a First Aid Class for mommies and babies. It was fantastic to have a baby-friendly environment and learn something beneficial. Thanks to Carrie the instructor and all the mommies who participated.

Buckets o’ buckets.

CPR on the mannequins:

Aili is the guinea pig:

And then Andrew gets rolled:

Tallan is also a fan of the jumperoo!

And so is Logan!

Aili developed quite a crush on Liam:

They looked deep into each others’ eyes…

… which made her ever so delighted.

Sarah and little Andrew (10 weeks).

Baby CPR.

Beautiful babes.
Round the circle clockwise, starting from Aili:
Aili, Liam, Zoe, Andrew, Logan, Tallan, and Sam.


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