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Routine Again June 7, 2008

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We came home from Tacoma with our first highchair. Its big tray prevents toys from escaping!

And its placement allows for contemplation of the apple blossoms while eating your daily prunes.

We also came home with another tooth! The second one has just cut through, but the first one is starting to really be visible. If you look reeaaaaallly closely. Sorry for the lousy picture, but I challenge YOU try to take a picture of the inside of the mouth of an excited 6-month old in a jumperoo!

No, honey, babies don’t get to hold the camera.

“But I really want it! Really, I want it!”

“Look deeeeeep into my eyes and hand over the camera.”

From this angle it looks like her entire head is smaller than his ears. Oh wait, it IS smaller than his ears.

Aili has a big crush on Leo.

I don’t have the heart to tell her that he’s only interested in her because she still has some prunes stuck to her forehead.

This is NOT what you think it is. But I bet it made you do a double take!

While out on the town, Aili managed to get herself into the weirdest, and most uncomfortable-looking position while in the bucket. A little reminder of why it comes with straps.

I see a nudy!


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