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Three Things June 8, 2008

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Yesterday was a good day. It’s always fun when Johnny is home and all the family is together. We also had three new experiences, which made the day even better.
In no particular order:

iTunes Movies. Log into iTunes, pick your movie, $5 on your account, start downloading, watch. Yes, you can even start watching while it’s still downloading. So easy! Why would anyone ever go to Rogers again??

Google Analytics. It keeps statistics on your website simply by adding a few lines of code. Now, not to creep anyone out, but it is pretty exciting to see some of the details. Some of the things that they record are the number of visitors to the site, how many are ‘absolutely unique’, where in the world they’re coming from (Hello, friend in Japan!), how much is direct or referred traffic, and what pages people are looking at. Now, please don’t think that I’m stalking you – – your dropping by is still completely anonymous and I don’t know who you are, but it DOES motivate me to write something actually interesting, rather than just posting 40283 pictures of my kid everyday. I’m sure I’ll start that tomorrow.

Baby Swim Classes. Now, you know that we’ve been going to the pool for a while now, and Aili and I go every Wednesday for Mommy and Baby Aquafit (which is actually totally fun). But yesterday was the first day of our actual baby swim lessons. Aili had a pretty big advantage over many of the other babies who had never been in water before and shrieked throughout the class. To my eye the class itself wasn’t terribly beneficial – so far – and it was really hard to hear the instructor. But it was SO CUTE, because most of the parents there were the daddies. The mommies were standing on the sidelines and in charge of the cameras. It made my heart feel warm to see the daddies with these teeny babies in their arms. It was also entertaining to observe their panicked attempts to make the shrieking stop.
I was one of the mommies in the water and splashing along, so alas, there are no pictures of the event.
Sad news: the pink tutu bathing suit is now too small and must be retired. Sigh. That only leaves her with three other options.


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  1. Stalked? Says:

    It creeps me out to know you are keeping track of how often people visit your site, how long they stay, etc.I’m going to east my computer after I type this so there will be no record of it. 🙂

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