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The Calm Eye of the Storm June 10, 2008

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It’s been a busy few days, but Aili is unfazed by our mad errand-running, dropping her off with friends, various babysitters, different sleeping arrangements, meeting new people. As long as she eats and naps according to her body’s needs, she’s predictable and easy; the calm weather in the storm of activity we create around her.

Yesterday we went to Michele and Frank’s wedding. As expected, it was an elegant, unique, and classy affair, as anything relating to Michele tends to be. I loved the international nature of the event: Michele was born in the US, raised in Canada, carries a British passport, and lives in Shanghai. Most of her family lives in Hong Kong, California, or Toronto. Frank was born in the Netherlands, raised in Belgium, and now lives in Shanghai. He speaks seven languages. Of all the attendees there (about 30), only 5 were from Vancouver, including Johnny and I AND both of Michele’s parents. Everyone else had flown in from somewhere else, many from Belgium!

While we were off partying, Aili stayed with Auntie Alexa and Uncle Sean. I was so glad that she was on her best behaviour.

A rudimentary game. Future BFF.

Aili: “I love you.”
Leo: “Shut up and try to steal the kitty.”

Q: What’s more fun than shoe shopping?
A: Purple tissue paper!


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