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New Skills (Sort Of), New Friends June 13, 2008

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In the life of a baby, there are lots of latches. They find themselves being strapped into all sorts of things, with those tricky plastic buckles that only mommies and daddies can manage to undo. They’re too complicated for tiny baby fingers, but they are awfully fun to suck on. (Babies seem to especially enjoy sucking on them *while* the straps are being tightened by the parent, just to complicate things a little more.)
In Aili’s life, for example, those tasty plastic buckles have shown up on the bucket, on the big girl car seat, on two different strollers, on the swing, on the high chair, on the bouncy chair, on the booster seat, and even on the change table. Now, our booster seat can be strapped to a regular chair, but most of the time it lives on the counter, so some of the straps and buckles remain unused. I was fascinated to watch her yesterday trying to figure out how to snap the two ends together. Unfortunately she had one half the the buckle in one hand, and the end of a strap in the other. Poor kid never had a chance.

“Ok, so how does Mommy do this again?”

When you’re almost seven months old, this is pretty well as intensely focussed as you can get:

You know how that old saying goes: if you can’t beat it, suck on it…

“See Mommy? I’m going to buckle it just like you do!”

Today our new friends Amy and Kennedy dropped by for a fun chat and playdate!
Aili just loves other babies and can’t take her eyes – – or her hands – – off them.

Ms. Blue Eyes Kennedy, who discovered today how to empty a tupperware of Cheerios on the floor. Wheee! Fun!

I try to tame that mess everyday too, but it just stands right back up again.

Another convert to the jumperoo. Seriously, I should get paid a commission by Fisher Price.
And is that jealousy, or just her fascination with other babies?


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