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Sicky + Father’s Day June 16, 2008

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Last Friday Aili got sick. I don’t think I really put two and two together for a while. She was in fairly good spirits, but just got fussier faster, so at first I didn’t think it was really serious. And she does throw up occasionally, so it took the violent upchucking of several consecutive full meals for me to notice the pattern. And, if you’ve ever been in charge of diaper changing, you’ll know it can be tricky to know the difference between regular poo and the runs, so it took me waaaay too long to clue into that too.
The fussiness and vomiting lasted about 24 hours, but she’s still not fully back on her feet, so to speak. And as effective as disposable diapers are, they can’t contain the runs all that well, so to add insult to injury, Aili has come down with the worst diaper rash I can imagine. It pretty well runs from her neck to her knees, front and back. There are even blisters. You and I wince at the thought, but so far, she hasn’t complained at all. Treatment? Lots of naked time, lots of diaper changes, lots of bum cream. And yes, I will spare you the pictures.

Aili cannot take her eyes off of Leo whenever he’s in the room.

Tiny fingers. Ommmmmmmmmmmm….

Did you say W-A-L-K??

Weekends are the best! We get to hang out with Daddy!

A little under the weather.

Being sick, Aili has also been sleeping extra. She tires easily and takes suuuuuper long naps, only to be ready for bed again very quickly.

Her appetite is also very low, which I guess is a good thing, seeing as how it results in less to clean up! Here’s Johnny showing her how it’s done:

For Father’s Day we went next door to have a picnic! It’s great to have neighbours with kids that are of a similar age (Zoey is 6 weeks younger, and Annabelle is 2 1/2.) They understand fussing and spit up and nap schedules. AND our monitor works in their yard and house, so Aili can nap in her own crib while we have iced tea on their back patio!

The boys with their girls.

“I love Daddy.”

Big girls in their booster seats!

Aili LOOOOOVES standing. She’s never so happy as when she’s upright, and will stand against the ottoman, unsupported by me, for long stretches.
She’s still so short that Patrik’s neatly mown lawn reaches up to mid-shin!

By last night she was back to her old bubbly self, and appears to be on the mend.

Profile shot. I think it’s like a softened version of my mom’s nose, but Johnny says that it even looks like a (substantially smaller) version of mine. Oh dear, I hope not. Let’s hope the Oshika genes win out in that department!


One Response to “Sicky + Father’s Day”

  1. Mike Says:

    It doesn’t look like diaper rash or blisters have dampened her spirit – she’s all smiles. So cute!

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