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Seven Month Stats June 18, 2008

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I am amazed at how quickly the months pass by, but I’m even more amazed at the rate of development of a new human being. Seven months isn’t really that long a time, but she has gone from a shrieking blob to a real tiny person, with moods and preferences and personality and even – – and it would take a mommy to see it – – her own little sense of humour.
The world used to happen around her. Then she began to observe it without emotion; now she is fully interactive, and cannot gather new information and new experiences quickly enough. She’s anxious with strangers or when I leave the room, she loves stuffed toys that make noises, adores the dog and cats, and laughs out loud when tickled.

So here’s a little rundown of where we stand today.

Age: 7 months
Approx. Weight: 16lbs, 10oz (* I believe she’s lost about a pound recently due to being sick.)
Percentile for Weight: 44th
Approx. Height: 27.5″
Percentile for Height: 92nd

Number of teeth: 2 (bottom)
Number of teeth coming in but not yet visible: 4 (top)
Favourite food: Pears
Least favourite food: Cucumber
Favourite toy: Yellow Dog

Number of naps per day: 2-3
Length of nighttime sleep: 14 hours (includes a ‘dream feed’ at 11.30)
Bedtime: 6.30

Current clothing size: 9-12 months
Current shoe size: 0-6 months/Size 1
Current diaper size: 3 (4 at night)
Diapers: Seventh Generation

Current formula: Enfamil Lactose Free
Bottles: Born Free
Volume consumed: approx 5oz per feeding plus solids
Solids: Gerber, Heinz, or President’s Choice Baby Foods- all organic, levels 1 and 2

Rolling: Mastered, both directions, front and back
Sitting: Able to do it, but doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Can’t yet push up to sitting.
Crawling: Not yet, but desperate to find some way to propel herself forward.
Standing: Loves it, requires support from me or a piece of furniture. Can’t pull up to standing.
Walking: Not even close
Swimming: Loves it
Babbling: Not yet (a bit late, in fact)
Pincer grasp: Getting quite proficient

Current best friend: Mommy
Current idol: Leo
Biggest Fan: Daddy
Cannot get enough of: Interacting with other babies
Not at all interested in: Getting her fingernails cut
Loves: Naked time
Hates: Skin lotion being applied

Hands: Small
Feet: Small
Eyelashes: Long
Eyebrows: Enormous
Hair: Long, finally getting thicker and growing in on bald spot
Bum: Still blue
Arms: Still segmented
Legs: Stunningly fat

Summary: Aili is right on track, completely normal, growing quickly, healthy, happy, and oh so very loved.


One Response to “Seven Month Stats”

  1. Mike Says:

    “but she has gone from a shrieking blob to a real tiny person” I laughed out loud at that one! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mother refer to her own child as a shrieking blob, but I know you meant it in a loving way.The time really does fly when you’re watching a baby grow…

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