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A Hot, Hot Weekend June 30, 2008

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Another lovely weekend, but this time with some HEAT! Just as I like it. I really was meant to live on some tropical paradise somewhere, I’m sure of it.
When the days are like this we keep the doors and blinds closed to keep the heat out, and it stays pleasantly cool indoors. In fact, Johnny and I still sleep with a light duvet at night, as ours is probably the coolest room in the house.
Despite the heat, we’ve been keeping busy as always.

We went to visit our friends Amy and Kennedy:

We made a mess by pulling all the the toys out of the basket:

We did some naked time due to yet another painful diaper rash:

If you click on the picture to expand it you can have a better view of the omnipresent rivulet of drool on her chin:

(Yes, the baby IS on the stove. And yes, we ARE monitoring. The knobs are pretty hard to turn, and it’s not as bad as it looks.)

And we went to a birthday party!
Victoria turned 2, in what seems like the blink of an eye:

My muffin and me.

Auntie Susie was there too:

And Little Ms. Party Dress also discovered the wonder of presents. Not because she cares about presents, but more for the delightfully crinkly wrapping paper. What fun!

Hope you’re surviving the heat wave!


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