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Last Mommy Group July 29, 2008

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Well, our visits to Mommy Group have come to an end. Our Mommy Group takes a break over the month of August, and will resume in September… but by then Aili will be too grown up to attend. It’s for pre-mobile babies only, and little Ms. Soldier will not be wounded for much longer.

Mommy Group was a great place to meet other moms, learn about common struggles, share successes, and ease into the trials of being a mom. I feel a little bit like I’ve just graduated. And for any new moms out there, I highly recommend that you seek out your own Mommy Group. They’re free, and put on by nurses from the public health units. An excellent resource indeed.

A circle of babies:

There is NOTHING cuter than a half-Asian baby….

…except for maybe TWO half-Asian babies!

Or THREE half-Asian babies!

The nurses gave everyone baby sunglasses.
Check out how little Zoe rockes those shades:

Kailynn slept through it all, but still was cute as a button.

How many mommies does it take to line up a bunch of babies against a wall?

I have a whole new respect for whoever coordinated those Kodak posters with 19 smiling babies in a row.

Sunglass kids.
(With Little Ms. Social Butterfly right in the middle, wouldn’tcha know?)

Miraculous – no one is falling down, rolling over, and there are even some smiles.

And then there were some tears, and it all sort of unravelled… but it was a lovely moment while it lasted.

The graduate.


Bye Bye Grandpa

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After a lovely but short 4-day visit, my dad flew home today. I was so glad that he was able to spend some time with Aili. She loved hanging out with him, and I can’t wait till they can see each other again.

Thanks for the visit, Grandpa Joe!


BBQ Party

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Every year our lovely neighbours host a BBQ shindig for all their friends. As with every year, much fun was had by all!

Aili and Mona hung out for a while.

Just like her mommy. All she wants to do is sit in a comfy armchair and read a book.
Oh, wait, I meant eat a book.

Sort of a boring picture – – until you look more closely and see that it affords you a wonderful opportunity to directly compare the profile of someone who is half Asian with that of someone who is full Asian. Just as I’m sure you’ve always wanted to do.

Mr. BBQ Man did a fantastic job of keeping everyone fed and happy.

Baby Zoey got in on the fun!

Aili and Grandpa check out a toy…

… and then share it with Baby Zoey and her Nana.

Grandpa taught us a fun game! Aili was beside herself:

Cuddles from Aunty Cathy!


Old Wine and Good Wine… July 27, 2008

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Old wine:

Yes, that really DOES say 1978. (!)
Shu and Ayako have kept this wine for 30 years.

This, however, is one of our favourites:

Thanks, Shu and Ayako, for a lovely dinner tonight!


A Banana Muffin

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I had enormous difficulty deciding which pictures from this series to post. She’s just too gosh-darned cute.


Fun with Grandpa Joe

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Hanging out with Grandpa Joe is FUN!

He has really good games and activities, and all the world is fun to explore. For example, look what kind of fun you can have with a ramen noodle!

Aili is becoming increasingly curious about the world, and wants to investigate and be part of everything around her. She’s no longer content to be held and look around from my arms; now she wants to wriggle down to the floor and check it out for herself.
As you could guess, Leo is a favourite attraction:

Who needs Mommy when you have GRANDPA??!!


Grandpa Joe Comes To Visit July 25, 2008

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My dad hadn’t seen Aili since we visited him in Phoenix in April. At that time, it was a great triumph for Aili to roll over, and she was still spitting up enormous quantities of puke on anyone within a 2-foot radius. It was time for Grandpa to become reacquianted with the new, drier Aili.

It actually took quite a while for her to warm up to him. He even offered her the keys to his convertible. She isn’t the biggest fan of convertibles (always being stuck in the windy back seat, you see), but she IS very fond of chewing on car keys. Especially the electronic key fob kind.

She paid careful attention when he explained what each button was for. In anticipation of soaking it with slobber and rendering it useless, no doubt.

But Grandpa Joe isn’t afraid of a challenge. He got right down there on the floor to play.

It should also be noted that Aili was not the only kid who was delighted to see Grandpa Joe playing on the ground…

Ultimately, it was the secret giggle weapon that weakened her.
Swinging is one delight, but swinging in unison took it to a whole new level…

… and with that, Aili was in LOVE.

When we got home they played with the ball…

… and read a story.

How cute is THAT?
Grandpa Joe will be in town till next week, so I’ll keep you posted as I can.