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A Few Firsts July 10, 2008

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Well, wasn’t I wrong. A few posts ago I said that the ‘firsts’ slow down… and in the past few days I have been proven completely in error. They’re just different kinds of firsts.

1. First enthusiastic and successful use of a sippy cup. I tried one a little while ago, but she wouldn’t even put it in her mouth. Now she’s tried two different kinds with equal delight. She still has terrible backwash, and can’t figure out how to hold it herself. Correction: she can hold it, but can’t get how to tip it up in order to actually get anything out of it.

2. First time she enjoyed drinking water. I tried giving her water in the past also, but she’d always spit it out and look disgusted: “what is the MATTER with this formula?”. Now we have water with each meal (3x per day) and formula as a snack (4x per day).

3. First ride in the front basket of a grocery shopping cart. She looked so tiny in there! But she held on and giggled at first, and once the novelty wore off she looked at the other people in the store and played with an onion that I put in a plastic bag for her. I used to wish she would always be so entertained my staring at her hands…. now I hope she’ll always be so entertained by playing with an onion.

4. First ride on a swing. Oh the GIGGLES! She absolutely loved it. And all the smiling and laughing and shrieking of delight turned me into a big puddle of mommy mush. Unfortunately Johnny wasn’t there to see it, so we have a date to go back to the park very soon. I’ll bring the camera this time too.

5. First inching forward. She’s very proficient at traversing a room by rolling, but until yesterday moving directly forward had eluded her. But when she’s VERY motivated by something really interesting – such as Leo – she is starting to do a bit of the ‘wounded soldier’: pushing forward on her belly by bending her knee up and pushing off of her big toe.

Now that she’s babbling, there is a lot more vocalization. She laughs easier and is very ticklish on her sides. Most recently, there is the ‘happy snarl’ which sounds kindof like a ferocious wildcat boxed into a corner. The happy snarl is frequently punctuated by squeals of delight and random syllables.

Finally, all of a sudden she’s extremely good at sitting up by herself. I didn’t think her sitting was unreliable, but in the past 4 days or so she’s become a sitting pro.

“What IS this???”

“A raspberry? Ok… well… if Mommy eats one it can’t be THAT bad….”
(Result: gagging followed by a full-body shiver. The remainder of the raspberries were then puvlerized into jam but did not come anywhere near her mouth.)

Daddy got home from work early!

There’s a nudy on my stove! (Check out that sitting up action.)


2 Responses to “A Few Firsts”

  1. Sus Says:

    Oh my goodness! Look at her sitting! That’s amazing 🙂I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up!

  2. muso Says:

    Her father at her age loved playing on a jumper attached to the ceiling.Some heredity?!

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