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A Lovely Weekend July 15, 2008

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Again, my third post of the day! When it rains, it pours.
And when it doesn’t rain, it makes for the best weekends ever. We love summer weekends!

It’s been a fantastic few days. Ayako came over for a visit, and then we had Auntie Alexa and Uncle Sean over for a BBQ on Saturday PLUS all the blondies from next door! What great neighbours we have. Aili went to her swimming lesson, Leo had a bath, Johnny trimmed the hedges, and I even got new solar-powered lights for our front walk. (Now you don’t have to worry about breaking your neck if you ever come over after dark.)

Hangin’ with Obaachan:

Eating in booster seat with all the grown ups!

Annabelle has a new purple dress.

Napping – and apparently dreaming about becoming a frog.
With her skirt hiked over her waist.
That’s my girl.


Those ferocious fangs! She won’t be a vampire for much longer, however, as the the fangs will soon be accompanied by the middle uppers: one cut through on the weekend (tooth #5) and another is clearly visible just through the gum.


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