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Water Baby July 15, 2008

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Someone has been spending a lot of time in the water. What with the heat and the lovely sun, it’s fun for everyone. Aili has just recently gotten to be very good at sitting up, which is perfect timing indeed!

Here is some time in the bathtub. We have now removed the infant insert so she can sit up on her own:


(This is not a water picture, but it does explain the need for the bath… She actually sneezed into the spoonful of prunes, and came out looking like Rudolf.)

In other water news, at the suggestion of my clever friend and fellow mommy Steph, I went out and got Aili a tiny pool to hang out it. ‘Tiny’ is indeed the operative word:

But you can still splash in it! (And it only cost me $2!)

Besides why do you need a fancy pool when you can go to swimming lessons with Daddy?

Or hang out with the neighbours in their big kid pool?
Aili loved loved loved hanging out in their pool. She splashed and laughed and gurgled and even loved having water poured all over her head.

Nudies drying off in the sunshine.


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