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Hachi July 18, 2008

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I know I say this every month – – but where has the time gone???

Aili is 8 months old today, and I still can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by, and how much she’s grown and changed. Everyday she seems more like a ‘kid’ to me, and less like a baby. Her personality is more clearly defined, as is her interest and interaction with the world around. She loves the animals, and smiles all the time – except for when she meets new people, when she has to observe them with big serious eyes before coming out of her shell.
She’s very mobile now, and traverses a room quickly. All by rolling. She’s starting to do the ‘wounded soldier’ and is getting better with every day. I should put a swiffer cloth under her tummy so she can do some multi-tasking and catch a few of those dog hairs as she slithers around. This weekend the gate for the stairs MUST go up!

At today’s weigh-in Aili was 18lbs, 3 oz, which puts her in the 57th percentile.
I measured her at 29 inches, which would put her in the 95th percentile for height, but we all know by now to be skeptical of my measurements. The scale is foolproof, but I’m consistently wrong when it comes to measuring height.


This week we’ve had a lot of girl time. On Wednesday Auntie Michele dropped by for an unexpected but delightful visit, and we went to Mommy and Baby Aquafit with Auntie Cathy and Baby Zoey. Then Auntie Susie came over for dinner! All sorts of girl time on Wednesday!

Cuddles with Auntie Susie.

There is nothing better than getting snuggles from a tired Muffin.

Auntie Susie read the story…

… and gave a snack!

On Thursday our friend Nicole and our new friend Matthias came over for lunch. The mommies enjoyed some girl and gossip time.

Aili also enjoyed some time with chicken today. Not as big a mess as, say, strawberries or carrots… but there was chicken in her eyelashes.
It must be fun when every minute you’re awake is exciting and delightful. There are an awful lot of funny faces and giggle-snorts these days.

And tonight, Mommy is going to have some girl time with the APEG gals. No babies allowed!


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