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Happy Birthday Evan! July 21, 2008

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Yesterday we went to Evan’s birthday party! He turned one on Friday. Happy Birthday Evan!

How many babies can you fit in a wagon? (Answer = 5)

Apparently when you turn one you also get lots of fun gifts!

Aili, however, was not interested in the gift giving or other celebrations.
She had fallen in love … with a can of Dr. Pepper. (I think this is genetic, at least in part. I too love Dr. Pepper, but I usually don’t chew on the can.)

Olivia was completely confused about why that kid was acting so weird:

Who wants a can when you can have cake??

Or, who wants cake when you can have a nap?

Finally someone came and took the Dr. Pepper away, and Aili played with her daddy instead.

Up on Daddy’s shoulders!

… and off they went.


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