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The Gate July 21, 2008

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Well, what with all the movement we’ve seen around here recently, the time came when the stairs became a concern. Our intention is that the carpeted loft will be the playroom, so a simple gate at the top of the stairs should contain her and all her paraphernalia… for a while at least.

Now, not that you really care all that much, but our gate needs were actually sort of complicated. If you look from above, you can see that the post on the right and the wall on the left don’t actually line up in a straight line, so we couldn’t use just any old gate. We needed an angle-mount gate. Never heard of such a thing? Us either.

So here’s what it looks like. It is a KidCo G22. You can get them in black, white, or wood (for an extra $30!). We went with white, because I couldn’t choke down another $30 for a baby gate.

What am I griping about, you ask? How much could a baby gate possibly cost? Well, here you are, my friend. Yup, you’re seeing it right. $100 for a BABY GATE. But if you buy a one-hundred-dollar baby gate you too can look as happy as this lady:

Because my husband wisely doesn’t trust me with tools, he was in charge of installation. (Note: I COULD have installed this, as I have installed many other things in this house, but he definitely does a better job, and leaves fewer holes in the drywall.)
He is also much more likely than I am to read the instructions:

An impressive collection of tools:

Man in action:

The finished product!

The view from below.


One Response to “The Gate”

  1. Mike Says:

    Now that the gate is installed, are you as happy as the woman on the box? 🙂($100 is expensive, but at least you know your baby is safe)

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