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Grandpa Joe Comes To Visit July 25, 2008

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My dad hadn’t seen Aili since we visited him in Phoenix in April. At that time, it was a great triumph for Aili to roll over, and she was still spitting up enormous quantities of puke on anyone within a 2-foot radius. It was time for Grandpa to become reacquianted with the new, drier Aili.

It actually took quite a while for her to warm up to him. He even offered her the keys to his convertible. She isn’t the biggest fan of convertibles (always being stuck in the windy back seat, you see), but she IS very fond of chewing on car keys. Especially the electronic key fob kind.

She paid careful attention when he explained what each button was for. In anticipation of soaking it with slobber and rendering it useless, no doubt.

But Grandpa Joe isn’t afraid of a challenge. He got right down there on the floor to play.

It should also be noted that Aili was not the only kid who was delighted to see Grandpa Joe playing on the ground…

Ultimately, it was the secret giggle weapon that weakened her.
Swinging is one delight, but swinging in unison took it to a whole new level…

… and with that, Aili was in LOVE.

When we got home they played with the ball…

… and read a story.

How cute is THAT?
Grandpa Joe will be in town till next week, so I’ll keep you posted as I can.


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