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BBQ Party July 29, 2008

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Every year our lovely neighbours host a BBQ shindig for all their friends. As with every year, much fun was had by all!

Aili and Mona hung out for a while.

Just like her mommy. All she wants to do is sit in a comfy armchair and read a book.
Oh, wait, I meant eat a book.

Sort of a boring picture – – until you look more closely and see that it affords you a wonderful opportunity to directly compare the profile of someone who is half Asian with that of someone who is full Asian. Just as I’m sure you’ve always wanted to do.

Mr. BBQ Man did a fantastic job of keeping everyone fed and happy.

Baby Zoey got in on the fun!

Aili and Grandpa check out a toy…

… and then share it with Baby Zoey and her Nana.

Grandpa taught us a fun game! Aili was beside herself:

Cuddles from Aunty Cathy!


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