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Last Mommy Group July 29, 2008

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Well, our visits to Mommy Group have come to an end. Our Mommy Group takes a break over the month of August, and will resume in September… but by then Aili will be too grown up to attend. It’s for pre-mobile babies only, and little Ms. Soldier will not be wounded for much longer.

Mommy Group was a great place to meet other moms, learn about common struggles, share successes, and ease into the trials of being a mom. I feel a little bit like I’ve just graduated. And for any new moms out there, I highly recommend that you seek out your own Mommy Group. They’re free, and put on by nurses from the public health units. An excellent resource indeed.

A circle of babies:

There is NOTHING cuter than a half-Asian baby….

…except for maybe TWO half-Asian babies!

Or THREE half-Asian babies!

The nurses gave everyone baby sunglasses.
Check out how little Zoe rockes those shades:

Kailynn slept through it all, but still was cute as a button.

How many mommies does it take to line up a bunch of babies against a wall?

I have a whole new respect for whoever coordinated those Kodak posters with 19 smiling babies in a row.

Sunglass kids.
(With Little Ms. Social Butterfly right in the middle, wouldn’tcha know?)

Miraculous – no one is falling down, rolling over, and there are even some smiles.

And then there were some tears, and it all sort of unravelled… but it was a lovely moment while it lasted.

The graduate.


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