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Quiet Thursday Night August 29, 2008

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…. not a creature was stirring, not even a … husband.

My tired, hardworking hubby. And his best friend.


Aili Hosts a Playdate

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On Wednesday it was a bit rainy and yukky, so some mommies came over to play. As you already know, we’ve turned the loft into essentially a giant playpen. So all the gang can hang out and no one gets hurt.
Well, for the most part. For some reason babies between the ages of 7 – 10 months seem to be obsessed with face-scratching and plucking each others’ eyes out.

Logan is driving the car, but Tallan wants it.

Logan went right over to the gate, stood up, and shook it like he meant it! Fortunately Aili was napping at the time, I didn’t want her to get any ideas…

Sophie shows off a bit of standin’ action:

Logan is spellbound…

… until Sophie grabs a handful of hair!

So he went to play with the playtable instead.

Aili was so glad to see her friend Tallan!

And then they had a little squabble over the toy. She had it, he wanted it.

Hey, *I* want it!

“Ha ha, I’ve got it and you can’t have it!”
(Ai-chan, that’s not very nice!)

So Tallan went to go use Logan as a hurdle instead.

Aili and Zoe took a good look at each other.

Little Ms. Social Butterfly.


Tip for Stress Relief

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Having a stressful day?

You just need to lie back, relax, and put your feet up.
Oh, and sucking your thumb always helps too.


Mommy Monday

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I really enjoy meeting up with the mommies on Mondays. In fact, I enjoy it more than the formal Mommy Group where we all first met. It’s more conversational and relaxed, and you start to form real friendships rather than just acquaintanceships. I also believe that Aili is starting to really recognize the babies that we see so often!

Look! Rhys found a baby!

Jacquie and Sophie. Sophie is 6 days older than Aili….

… so you get 18 months’ worth of brains when you put their heads together.

Left alone to figure out the buttons all by herself.

Time out for a quick thumb reunion.

Rhys decided to use Sophie as a hurdle. She seems a bit confused:

Two heads are better than one, they say…


Random August 25, 2008

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Last night Mommy went on a photo taking rampage with the Big Camera. I apologize in advance for just how many pictures you have to look at.

Eating a shoe.


My loves.

My pup.





Toes. Don’t they look like little peas in a pod?

Thumb sucker.



… and eyelashes.


A girl and her daddy.


Professional for Hire

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You’ve heard of professional organizers?

Well, here, my friend, is a professional disorganizer.
For a very small fee she can come to your home and render it a disaster zone. She’s remarkably quick, considering she’s so thorough, and her work is guaranteed: if it’s not disorganized enough for you, she’ll re-disorganize it, all with a big smile on her face.


Playful Pup

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Always up for a game, that guy…