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Swim Party for Two! August 6, 2008

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Today was a lovely, sunny, wonderful day. And it was especially lovely because Nancy and Tallan came over for lunch and a pool party!

By lunchtime the pool warms up beautifully. Everybody in!

Tallan really seemed to like it:

And we all know how much Aili loves to be in the water!

There was a whole lotta splashin’ goin’ on…

… but it was all Aili. Tallan was content to play with the bucket.

And then there were bubbles! They didn’t quite know what to think about that.
(Leo doesn’t either, and runs around catching them in his teeth.)

Aili looked out for a while…

… as Tallan looked in.

Once again, the duckie was quite a hit:

This is NOT posed. She sat like this herself, I promise!

Two happy nudies.

Playdates are FUN!


One Response to “Swim Party for Two!”

  1. Mike Says:

    They certainly look like they’re having fun!

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