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One Man’s Junk (Mail)…. August 7, 2008

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… well, you know how the saying goes… treasure, indeed.

“Hey, this doesn’t taste like pizza!”

“Hm, maybe I should have picked my pizza toppings BEFORE eating the flyer…”

Snarl if you love pizza!

“Maybe Mommy needs a new TV. I’ll pick one for her.”

This is a little something we like to call ‘overwhelmed with glee’:


2 Responses to “One Man’s Junk (Mail)….”

  1. Lise-Anne Says:

    I love that last picture!!

  2. The Devines Says:

    I think this is my favourite in a while. You know you can never get that “No Junk Mail” sticker for your mailbox! That would be cruel!

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