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Poor Leo August 7, 2008

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Aili is now mobile, and getting ‘busier’ with every day. She wants to investigate everything. And I don’t know how they do it, but babies seem to know exactly what is the most dangerous thing in the room, or the one thing you don’t want them to get into. BEELINE for the power outlet. BEELINE for the dog dish.

So, we’re working on the word ‘no’:
“Aili, no.”
“Ai-chan, no.”
“Aili, no touch.”
“Aili, not in the mouth.”

Poor Leo, however, is quite the narcissist, and is convinced that everything I say has something to do with him. He thinks I’m telling HIM not to do whatever it is he’s doing (dozing on his pillow, lying down in the bedroom) and is having fits of anxiety over how to get back into my good graces.


One Response to “Poor Leo”

  1. jimmy, jodi & sophie Says:

    THAT is THE BEST photo I have ever seen of an emotional crisis waiting to happen. I am laughing so hard, tears are rolling down my face! Poor Leo. Tell him Matt understands, maybe they can start a support group together. CINOLAR. ‘Canines in Need of Love and Reassurance’.

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