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“… a little fish in the water” August 10, 2008

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Today Aili graduated from swim class. Apparently she was ‘evaluated’, and as you can see, she was able to complete all the criteria. Fortunately ‘blowing bubbles’ was not on the skill list, because all she does is try to drink the entire pool instead.

Now, here’s my disclaimer: I asked Johnny ‘What are Torpedoes?” and “She swam with her clothes on?” And he didn’t remember either of those things, having attended all the classes. So take it all with a grain of salt.
Torpedoes aside, Aili clearly loves being in the water. Indeed, she IS “like a little fish”.

Swim date, anyone?


2 Responses to ““… a little fish in the water””

  1. Stephenie Says:

    so happy she loves swimming! I can just imagine her splashing about. But honestly, that’s a little scary that they ‘evaluate’ the babes! Yikes, starts early….Still head under boxes and tasks, hope to see you once I surface!

  2. muso Says:

    Next swim date at the Birch Pool?

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