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Mommy Social August 12, 2008

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Mommy Group is on hiatus for the month of August, and as I’ve mentioned, we won’t be going back in September because it’s for pre-mobile babies anyway and Aili is getting to be too slithery. BUT we still enjoy the company of the lovely mommies there, so instead of the formal Mommy Group, we’re going to have informal Mommy Social on Mondays instead!

Yesterday we met at a lovely gelato place nearby. Hooray for Mommies!

Laura and Logan:

Jacquie and Sophie:

Nancy and Tallan:

Miranda and Kaelynn (I am totally guessing on the spelling of that one):

Holly and Trinity:

Jen and Zoe:

Angela and Braden:

Note that in this entire posting, I did not include a single picture of Aili. I figured you might like a break.


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