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Babyproofing August 19, 2008

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Now that Little Ms. is mobile and into investigating everything, babyproofing is upon us. Now, as a parent you have to balance the need to protect your child with some rationality. I cannot – and will not – wrap every item with my house with bubble wrap. So I decided to babyproof the loft (essentially making it into one giant playpen) and leave the rest of the house alone. I do think that once she’s toddling around the rest of the house I will put bumper pads on the corners of the fireplace hearth, as they are slate and very pointy.

So the things she shouldn’t be getting into are now protected by netting. It ain’t pretty, but it works. (So far, anyway. It’s all assembled with velcro but I’m hoping that by the time she figures out how to operate velcro she’ll also understand ‘no’.)


I picked up these handy electrical outlet protectors with sliding little doors:

And THIS is exactly why we need them!

Little Ms. Busybody.


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