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Little Ms. Busy August 19, 2008

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Johnny once mentioned that Aili follows the law of entropy. Despite being a very engineer way of looking at things, he’s completely right! The idea of entropy is that ‘nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems’.
Well, I can confirm that if you take an ordered system such as this:

and put Aili in the middle, you very quickly come to something like this:

See? Thermodynamics is fun!
And also results in a lot of Mommy cleaning up.

Now that Aili has realized that there is a big world out there full of fun things to discover, AND that she’s got the ability to travel over to them and take them apart, she is on the go pretty well every moment she’s awake. There have been a few accidents with the plants, and the cats now know to leave the room anytime she’s nearby. She used to just shriek at them from afar, now she chases them down.
She’s so active she’s even starting to lose the fat rolls on her arms. Don’t worry, the thigh rolls are still full and jiggly, but I’m sure they’ll start to melt away too once she starts crawling and REALLY getting into things.

Hangin’ with Obaachan:

Trying to dismantle the sink during a bath:

You know the old saying, ‘if you can’t dismantle it, then just climb right out instead’.

A new beauty regime: the facial. Unfortunately she does her own facials, most often at mealtime, and frequently with materials not commonly associated with skin care.
Such as curry:

She smelt like curry the rest of the day after that one!
We have also enjoyed yogurt, prune, and tofu weiner facials, all of which have impressed Leo enormously.


2 Responses to “Little Ms. Busy”

  1. jimmy, jodi & sophie Says:

    She looks pleased as punch! How completely adorable!

  2. The Devines Says:

    Ah yes, the source of the “Eau de Curry” Aili sported on Sunday!

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