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Nine Months August 19, 2008

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Yesterday Aili was nine months old. Wow. The people who got pregnant last November are waddling around and ready to pop. My daughter is as old as a gestation period. Wow.

I mentioned earlier that she’s now engaged with and curious about the whole world. She’s also becoming more physically able to do what she wants to. Although she’s not quite crawling yet, she’s quite proficient at the so-called wounded soldier and can easily get to wherever she wants to go. She does get up on her hands and knees, and rocks back and forth – – so crawling can’t be far behind. Yesterday she pushed herself up into a sitting position for the first time, and also figured out how to climb up and over an obstacle (Johnny’s legs). With a toy she’s really interested in she’ll even push up onto her feet.

We’re starting to see the first glimpses of communication too. She started pointing at things a couple weeks ago. If I show her a picture of Johnny and I, she points at one parent, then the other. She also knows where the picture is in her room, and points at it frequently. She also likes to look and point at the family photos in the hallway.
In the past week or so she’s started waving. Hello, goodbye, I’m happy, I want more blueberries, I can see you in the mirror, pretty well anything prompts a wave. And she’s getting more confident with even waving to strangers.
I continue to do signs for her, and although she isn’t yet signing herself, she knows what some of them mean. When I do the sign for ‘water’ she’ll turn her head to look directly at the sippy cup, and when she’s hollering at mealtime and I ask her if she wants ‘more’ she’ll be quiet down and reach out as I bring her some more. She also looks directly at the cereal box if she wants more Cheerios. She’s particularly interested in head nodding, although I don’t know if she quite comprehends what it means.

She’s starting to say ‘mama’ but so far hasn’t associated it with me yet. Oh, that day isn’t far away! I’m pretty sure I’ll cry.
In the good way.

Yesterday we introduced…. drumroll please… the fork.
Those peaches were just too slippery to get with little fingers.

Fascinated by the tines:

Yesterday I also purchased her first car. She can sit and ride on it, but it also converts to a walker. (Not the illegal kind, don’t worry.) Johnny would like to point out that it is a used car, because as we all know, a vehicle is a depreciating asset.
Doesn’t she look like a ‘big kid’ in this picture?

That is, until she starts to suck on the car.

Driving lessons with Daddy!

Sorry she’s blurry in this one. Hard to get a good pic of a kid in motion!

Storytime. That man is crrrrrazy about his kid!


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