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PNE! August 19, 2008

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On Sunday we went to the PNE with Auntie Alexa and Uncle Sean. It was SO fun and interesting that Aili stayed awake the whole time, thereby missing her afternoon nap. Despite that, she was in great spirits the whole time! (And she slept in very late the next day. Hooray!)

Someone has GOT to teach that kid some manners:

Very.Serious.Face when seeing the horse.

Hangin’ with Daddy in the Baby Bjorn!

We were really glad for the ventilated mesh version of the Bjorn, as both Daddy and Aili would have melted if it wasn’t so breathable.

Alexa and Sean make some new friends:

Peter the Great. 6’2″ at the shoulder and 3400 lbs. That is a whole lotta cow.

Baby duckies!

We all indulged in fun food at the PNE: fish and chips, footlong hot dogs, poutine. I would have loved to try the deep friend Oreos, but showed some restraint.
Aili showed no restraint in eating her feet.

The tongue sticking out thing is new.

Auntie Alexa got a candy apple, and had trouble unsticking it from her teeth!

Sean won a blue bear for the nursery!

Conked out from the excitement on the way back to the car. That is ONE TIRED MUFFIN.


One Response to “PNE!”

  1. Sus Says:

    We were there on Sunday too! Peter the Great was HUGE! and the chicks and ducklings were so cute đŸ™‚

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