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Sasamat Lake August 19, 2008

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Saturday was lovely and sunny, so we took Aili to visit White Pine Beach for the first time!
We got there early enough before it got too hot and too busy. It was lovely, but we didn’t stay very long. First, Leo couldn’t go down to the beach with us so he had to be tied to the post at the top of the path. Poor guy. But also, beaches aren’t very good for a couple of reasons: first, Aili is still doing the wounded soldier. That means that she drags herself on her tummy everywhere she wants to go. Also, she still enjoys putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Yuck!

First touch of the sand:

Grab a handful…

… and in it goes!

Dirty feet.

With Mommy…

and with Daddy!

Dipping the toes:

We also inaugurated the baby backpack. I bought this for Johnny for Father’s Day last year when I was pregnant. Finally she’s big enough to go in it!

And she actually quite likes it. I think she enjoys the vantage point.


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