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Social Butterflies August 24, 2008

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My oh my, Aili and I were just the social butterflies this week! It feels so good to keep in touch with my pre-baby friends, even though they don’t *quite* have babies (yet!).

First, Michele came by for supper. She always coos to Aili in French, which Aili finds fascinating and endearing. Or at least I do.

And then we got to spend time with Nancy and Tallan! It’s fun to have mommy ‘n’ baby friends so close by.

Sharing and comparing gizmos and gadgets.

Friends! In fact, one afternoon we were walking along with the babies in their strollers, and Tallan reached out and Aili held his hand. It was stunningly cute – and also stunning that I didn’t have my camera on hand to record it.

THEN we got to see Auntie Susie, who is loving pregnancy! Her little man is due at the end of November!

Susie’s baby bump also makes a very convenient baby bench!


Aili loves socializing with the ladies. She’s always on her best behaviour. Except for the snarling, burping, profuse drool, and occasional gas (which she finds hilariously funny).

Hooray! It’s so nice to get one of the ‘reserved for expectant mothers’ parking spots.

Auntie Alexa’s little man is due at the beginning of November. Sooooo fun setting up a registry at Babies ‘R’ Us. It makes it so real!

Aili recently learned how to share her food! She loves to offer you a bite of her baby Mummum, or even feed you a blueberry. Warning: they sometimes come a little mashed up or slobbery, and you just might find her entire hand in your mouth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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