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Aili Hosts a Playdate August 29, 2008

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On Wednesday it was a bit rainy and yukky, so some mommies came over to play. As you already know, we’ve turned the loft into essentially a giant playpen. So all the gang can hang out and no one gets hurt.
Well, for the most part. For some reason babies between the ages of 7 – 10 months seem to be obsessed with face-scratching and plucking each others’ eyes out.

Logan is driving the car, but Tallan wants it.

Logan went right over to the gate, stood up, and shook it like he meant it! Fortunately Aili was napping at the time, I didn’t want her to get any ideas…

Sophie shows off a bit of standin’ action:

Logan is spellbound…

… until Sophie grabs a handful of hair!

So he went to play with the playtable instead.

Aili was so glad to see her friend Tallan!

And then they had a little squabble over the toy. She had it, he wanted it.

Hey, *I* want it!

“Ha ha, I’ve got it and you can’t have it!”
(Ai-chan, that’s not very nice!)

So Tallan went to go use Logan as a hurdle instead.

Aili and Zoe took a good look at each other.

Little Ms. Social Butterfly.


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