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Update and Looking Forward September 22, 2008

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Two quick notes!

An update: Our weigh in the other day resulted in no surprises. Aili weighed in at 19lbs, 10 oz, just as I expected. And true to form, she’s just over the 50th percentile for weight. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Looking forward: Aili and I are off to visit our cousins in Tacoma! You’ve seen Aili and Sophie in action before. It will be extra cute now that Aili is more mobile and can follow Sophie around (and probably learn some new antics). We’ll be driving down tomorrow and will stay till Friday, so I won’t be able to update the blog till next weekend at the earliest. Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of pictures for you, so it will be like you never missed a moment.

See ya later Alligator!

(In a while, Crocodile…)


Look! It’s Leo! September 19, 2008

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… World’s most patient dog.

Yup, there he is:

And yet ANOTHER reason the baby gate is enormous fun!


Quiet Time at Home

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Well, upon reflection, it was at home. It generally is not all that quiet.

How quiet can it be when your current favourite toy is a metal bowl with a wooden spoon?

This is the new funny face. I call it ‘old man with no teeth’:


Cutie Nudie

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The only thing more fun than being in the bath is getting ready to get INTO the bath:


Always test the water before you get in!


Strawberry Girl

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Aili loves all fruit, but especially strawberries. So I thought I’d give her a whole strawberry, just to see what she’d do with it.
My little experiment ended up requiring FIVE strawberries!
Watch the bib get progressively dirtier……….

Yes, they were in the fridge, so they’re cold on the teeth.

Ooh! Another!

She crosses her feet when she’s in the booster chair. And see that big toe over its neighbour. That is COMPLETELY Johnny. He always has his toes crossed over each other like that.
Can such a trait be genetic??

One satisfied customer.


… and then there were ten.

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Yesterday Aili turned ten months old. Can you believe it?

Then again, I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about silly faces in pictures until she was at least two or three. Sigh.

See those jammies she’s wearing? Obaachan Ayako bought those for her when I was still pregnant and she and I went shopping for strollers. We chose the 12-month size, but it seemed so far away I thought she would never wear them. Plus, they looked enormous. And now she fits into them at 10 months!

So far Aili seems to be right down the middle in terms of development. For example, most babies start crawling between 9-10 months, and Aili started right on schedule, at 9.5 months. She’s been like this for most developmental milestones. Can’t complain about that! Very predictable, which puts a mommy’s heart at ease.

We are going in to get weighed this afternoon (she is, not me, thank you very much) so I’ll keep you posted on that. My prediction? Around 19.5 lbs. Let’s see if I’m right!


A Quiet Moment September 16, 2008

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